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Robert Rooney, ‘Portrait photographs 1978–1987’, Tolarno Galleries, 11 September–11 October 2014

Over a period of 107 consecutive days, from December 1972 to March 1973, Robert Rooney photographed the clothes he wore. Each black and white image is uniform, a latent pun in keeping Rooney’s predilection for wry linguistic play. The artist’s garments are neatly folded and stacked, underwear on top, outer wear at the bottom, as […]

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Lyndell Brown/Charles Green and Jon Cattapan, ‘Spook country’, Station and ARC One, 21st August–13th September 2014

On a recent visit to the Australian War Memorial, I was surprised at the visual density of ‘classic’ war art. In the paintings of George Lambert (World War I) and Ivor Hele (World War II), the combat is hand-to-hand. The viewer is in the thick of it, given the now-familiar first-person shooter point of view. […]

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