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The decline of the movie poster

I have a theory that Melbourne’s tram network has a significant impact on the city’s intellectual life. Tram travel is a time for reflection and gathering of thoughts. This article first took shape as I was standing on a tram stop thinking about the Gerard Herbst poster collection at the Ian Potter Museum of Art. […]

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Cars, artists and culture

While the starting point for this piece was a news story on Citroen’s ‘Picasso’, its unfolding had to do with a sense of frustration at the simplistic ways in which capital letters and scare quotes were being applied to culture, Culture and ‘culture’. Earlier this year [2000], a minor media controversy erupted in France when […]

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Editorial for ‘Name’ magazine,1998

In 1998, I was asked to write an editorial for the Melbourne design magazine Name; the issue theme was evolution. The multi-talented Andy Trevillian was behind the magazine, which was stuffed full of fold-outs, pockets, slots and loose-leaf inserts. The last time I saw a copy of Emigré was through glass, a digital image on […]

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